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We’ve all been to that one wedding as a guest that has really stood out to us in our minds, right?

There was something special, or different about it. Some fun twist – Who remembers when Candy Buffets came out!?

How can you throw a party, and be unique, while celebrating your love?

Well, we have the fun a unique part COVERED. Here at HouseParty 360 Events, we are a team of 2 and we want to be there to take the stress off of your shoulders.

HouseParty 360 Events offers you a unique, fun, & creative way to change things up a bit, but still have all of your memories through pictures and videos. We want to be there to capture the, raw emotion of the day, the beauty, the blend between family and friends, and the love in the air that makes it quite unique, as well, of course as the party, and the goofiness and the celebration of two lives becoming one!

We have 2 wedding packages available, we can also build custom packages and add-ons are available.

Silver Wedding 360 Package

For less then 150 guests

Gold Wedding 360 Package

For 150+ guests


Extras Available

DJ Package

We can build a package to make your wedding unique.

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